Marketing & copywriting

Google-related projects:

  • AdMob blog -- Created and kickstarted Analytics "resolutions" series for 2015. goo.gl/b7TkXu

  • Google+ Top Tips series for agencies -- Came up with initial booklet design, coordinated design and printing with contractors, wrote copy for booklet, blog post and social media promotions.

  • Daria Musk Google+ video case study -- Interviewed Daria for initial storyline, coordinated with filming agency and internal teams through creation of video, wrote blog post.

Newspaper writing

See clips attached below. Also:

The twists and turns of fixing Doyle Drive obstacle course (San Francisco Chronicle - 2006)

The waiting is over for singer-songwriter Jason Mraz (The Morning Call - 2003)

Newsire writing

Obama says US will "take action" on Russian hacking (dpa - 2016)

Freelance writing

Online work:

Personal writing and blogging




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